08 August 2009

Hot August Days

August Calendar:
• 40th high school reunion
• county fair
• company
• sculpture show
• car show
• trip to Denver-town to see Auntie
• quilt show
• catch breath before the next round
• in between the weekends: work

It's no wonder there has been no quilting accomplished! But the photo opportunities abound! And knitting on the Plain Vanilla vest progresses -- what else would you call the pile of off-white stocking knit vest fabric that lays in the lap as one knits?

This daylily is growing in the garden and has nothing to do with quilting. Unfortunately, the garden is suffering from inattention and the weeds are out of control.

The item in the last post was a purple cone flower (echinacea) and VickyW made a palette from the photo. How cool!


  1. Busy August ahead of you! My summer was busy at the beginning and my garden is still suffering too. There's always next year :)

    Beautiful lily!

  2. You certainly have busy times ahead! I didn't realize you were back to work. But most of that sounds like fun, so I hope you enjoy it. My garden always suffers in the heat - I lose my motivation between planting and harvesting.

  3. You're two years older than me, class of '71!

    Breathe, in... out... in...; repeat!

    Soon it will be fall.

  4. I LOVE daylillies! I used to have some deep magenta offshoots from I don't know where. They, sadly, didn't like to Florida heat and drought I can't seem to find them any more. Yours is beautiful!

  5. Your august looks like mine. My garden and my quilting are also suffering! Hopefully you'll get through it and next month won't be so busy!

  6. Your August schedule sounds like mine! No time for sewing with all the activities this first two weeks, but next week (except for cleaning my house) I only have one appointment and it will be a quick one. Hope you get to slow down soon. blessings, marlene

  7. Still busy I see, your photos are very nice. You really capture vivid images.
    I am busy with my hubby recovering from total knee replacement. Eek, I hope I never have to get this surgery.

  8. tell me you are knitting in air conditioned comfort!!!

  9. Busy but fun days are ahead! Enjoy!