25 August 2009

Rocky Mountain Quilt Festival

This quilt by Sherry Reynolds, Reynolds Crossing, won Viewer's Choice award at the Rocky Mountain Quilt Festival. Isn't it lovely and what a wonderful setting for sampler blocks. Sherry has only been quilting for five years. Can you believe it?

I was asked by the show's webmaster to take photos of the general and guild(s) quilts. There were 4 or 5 guilds represented. I shot over 300 photos in the one hour I had on Saturday before class and in the one hour I had on Sunday before class. What a treat to be able to shoot unimpeded by people. I have a system: I shoot the quilt and then the placard with the quilter's information and quilt name. I have been doing this for years and it works wonderfully.

Now I need to run the photos through Photoshop to crop out the unwanted around the quilt and get them to the show coordinators. You will understand if I drop in and out won't you? Busy, busy.

Soon, I will post on the David Taylor workshop. I promise.

On a side note:
After shooting Sunday, by the time I got to class I was dripping wet because they had not turned on the air conditioning. My hair was plastered to my head and you could see where the straps of my backpack had been by the wetness of my tee shirt. So today, I had nine inches cut off of my hair. It is so much cooler. And cute! Why haven't I done this sooner? My hairdresser said that as I am getting older my hair is getting curly. Go figure.


  1. Wow-ie!

    I had my head in the clouds thinking I could quilt. I do something but seriously quilting - uh no. Sherry Reynolds though, she Rocks! She can quilt. Multi-talented, multi-faceted. I wonder what kind of gal she is. I'd sure like to meet her. Thank you for sharing this amazingly eye-popping work of ART!

    Gosh, you worked hard, too. I like your system. But Paula, in the heat with the dampness and oh bless you but you must have felt like a used pack horse for real! (I mean that w/ respect as I grew up on a working horse house - why call it a ranch when I lived there?)

    I'm psyched about the cut hair. Congrats.

    (ps: did you get a photo of your dripping wet self and the plastered hair? Come on! Did you?)

  2. That quilt is amazing. Humbling, actually.

    I'm sure we're all eager to see the results of your workshop, too.

    And, may we see the new haircut? I can sympathise - I grew my short hair out to a bob with bangs just as the summer heat hit this year. I spent the last three months thinking - now, WHY did I do this? LOL

  3. That quilt takes my breath away!

  4. Wow! That is a gorgeous quilt.

    I was born with red, curly hair, then when I had children my hair went straight. The last few years the curl has started to return. My hairdresser tells me it's not unusual for that to happen.

  5. I got my haircut this spring - probably needs it again, but I felt much better. I think I was too used to seeing those models with long hair to think about the practicalities of the situation. And the shorter hair looks much better on me. Probably time for another cut is coming up soon.
    This quilt is beautiful - the way those box chains go around the center is amazing.

  6. SherryReynolds7:50 AM

    I just wanted to say "Thank you" again to everyone for their kindness, generosity and encouragement. It was very overwhelming and I sincerely appreciate all the wonderful people who stopped to talk to me at the quilt show. I never dreamed I was designing a show quilt, this was just suppose to be my bedspread. I guess when you let your creativity and imagination set the standard, the results can be amazing. Thanks so much again! It's a wonderful feeling and I can't even put into words what it means to me. Sherry Reynolds

  7. What an honor (and a treat *s*) to be the official photographer for the show.

    9" of hair! Do you have a cute little bob now?

  8. That can't be the quilt of a gal with only 5 years experience? AWESOME!

  9. Want to see the new hair cut! Curly as you get older? How did you luck out!

    What a beautiful, complicted quilt you shared.

    Still not blogging yet, just wanted to see what you were doing.

  10. Quilting only 5 years! That photo and quilt are great.
    It is so freeing to cute your hair. Once you do, it's hard to ever go back.
    We need a photo of the short cut. Hey I think that counts for at least a lb in weight loss also.