30 September 2009

Socktoberfest Cometh


Socktoberfest is on it's way. What is Socktoberfest? It is a month-long festival starting October 1 for sock knitters to celebrate sock knitting. It's been about 3 years since I joined in on the festivities but since my current knitting of choice is socks, here I am. I just finished up one sock and the other needs to be cast on. Nothing new there. What is new, is that I am going to take the opportunity of Soctoberfest to learn something new sock knitting-wise.

Did you know there is a Flickr group and a Ravelry Socktoberfest Board . There was even a Sock Summit held recently in Portland, Oregon that was 3 days of socks and sock related items. (propane and propane accessories, as Hank Hill would say). *snort, giggle, smile* I digress, but then I get so easily sidetracked. Anyway. Socks. Yes, that is where I was.

Hi, I'm Paula and I knit socks.


  1. I would love to knit socks but have NO idea where to start. I have needles up the kazoo but no where around me to take a class. Any suggestions?

  2. Hey, Paula the quilter, you sure are cute about knitting socks!

    I bet the colors are gorgeous - you always have such beautiful yarns ...

  3. Anonymous1:25 PM

    Keep on knitting! I'm still knitting away on my fall shawl which won't be finished until next fall I do believe but I'm enjoying it just the same.

  4. You made me laugh out loud! What a great post!

  5. And some might say they are the best socks in all the land *s*

  6. OK you just inspired me to cast on a pair of socks,
    what next?

  7. My mother and I went to the Sock Summit. And I spent too much money, as usual. It was a lot of fun! Sock knitters unite!