06 October 2009

Hackers and email

Just thought you might want to know that thousands of Gmail, Yahoo, AOL accounts have been compromised. Here's a link to read about it. If you are having trouble with your blogger account this could possibly have something to do with it.  Read some of the comments in the link to the alert.


I can't stress that enough. RESET YOUR PASSWORD.

I reset my password every 3 months. I make it a unique password that I can remember without having to write it down by using a mnemonic that includes a number or two. Don't know what a mnemonic is? The most famous one is, of course, royBgiv: Red Orange Yellow Blue Green Indigo Violet = the colors in the rainbow. Then there is: George Eats Old Gray Rats And Paints Houses Yellow. Take the first letter of each word and it spells geography. Make up a sentence that you can remember, don't forget to add some numbers in there, take the first letter of each word and Voila! you have a very unique password.



  1. Thanks - all changed *s*

    My favorite is A Rat In The House Might Eat The Ice Cream.

  2. Anonymous3:21 PM

    Thanks for the post. I just changed most of mine, have a few more still to change.

  3. Ahhh soooo - this explains some things?

  4. Good point, I'll reset my yahoo mail password

  5. Thanks Paula, I hadn't heard. I only have yahoo, but I will go and change what I use there. Hugs, Finn