22 October 2009

The New Stove

*Ring*  *Ring*

She: Hello?

He: The new stove is here and installed. The microwave is bigger than I thought it would be. It is 17" deep.

She: O? that is smaller than the old one.

He: You're not going to like this.

She: Wait a minute. How much clearance is there between the hood/microwave and the top of the stove?

He: 14"

She: O.M.G. I have a stock pot that is 10". What are we going to do?

He: We will discuss it when you get home from work.

All because he did not want the perfectly good microwave sitting on the counter top. The $767 stove & hood/microwave just got more expensive. Envision this: removing the cabinets (cookbooks stored there) above the hood all together or just to cut them down about 4". But then there is the exhaust fan to deal with.

I'm not ready for this. *sigh*


  1. Nothing is ever straight forward is it? My thoughts are with you...I'd be dreading too.

  2. Oh dear - I read the title and I was SO excited for you. Dang it - I do hope you will become friends with the new thing. I will say that I have very much enjoyed having a microwave/vent hood combo. Of course, I had to get Hubby to install some shelving to accommodate the cookbooks *s*

  3. One thing always leads to another.

  4. Oooops . . . I hope it gets straightened out without too many problems.

  5. Oh no! It's always those unexpected monkey wrenches isn't it?

    BUT...stirring the pot is a whole 'nother issue beyond size!! Good luck and let us know how it worked out in the end!

  6. That all sounds better than having to hold the oven door closed when you bake cookies...

  7. oh dear! Why can't these things ever be easy?

  8. I had to run into the kitchen and measure between my stove and microwave/hood to visualize what 14" would look like. Whoops - really short. Kitchen renovations are always fraught with problems. Hope this one gets resolved easily.

  9. Nothing is as it seems! You will love it when it's done. Keep repeating that....

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