16 December 2009

Donation Quilt (for the Cure - 2010 version)

Recently, I pulled several new, but vintage, Harley Davidson bandannas from the bandanna stash. In the 1980's I made several of these quilts to sell and if you know your audience they sell quite well. There are still enough of these bandannas to make 5 more quilts after this one.

There is an area motorcycle Poker Run that benefits the Susan G. Koman foundation. It has been on hiatus for a couple of years but started up again last year. There is auction after the run and I used to donate one of these quilts. This is next year's quilt.

For the backing, I cut 10.5" squares. Now THIS method uses stash! I just made sure I didn't have like next to like and didn't stress if there was a darker area. This method also generated a lot of scraps for the paintbucket quilts, so there are some of those in my sewing future.

This was tied with some black wool yarn and then stitched in the ditch around the red border. Binding will be more of that black Kona cotton. I like to use wool yarn because when it is washed, the wool felts into little balls that will never, ever come untied. In the past, when I used crochet cotton, I have had some come untied. The quilts were returned to me for repair, so I started to do it this way and have not made a repair since.

But during the fabric pull to make this backing, I was really surprised at the quantity of pastel sweet prints that I found in the stash. A lot. They will make wonderful lights in a scrap quilt, so I can see them being used in the paintbucket quilts too.

Ah, the possibilities!


  1. You have so much fun and am so creative!

  2. You are simply amazing. The crocheted shawl is lovely. The quilt is a nice donation.

  3. It is wonderful when you can tailor your quilt to the tastes of the buyers. It is a great quilt. I like the idea of paintbucket quilts. You posted this in 2006! I might have read it when I first came to your blog, but didn't remember.

  4. Paula, what a striking quilt. Anyone would be proud to own it!

  5. You have surely hit the nail on the head for this audience - I bet it brings a bundle . . . . you are a clever, clever girl *s*

  6. Nice quilt for a good cause! My Nana used to tie our quilts with red yarn - and you are right - those knots do NOT come undone even after many washes! Cheers! Evelyn

  7. It is a wonderful thought to donate...for a good cause,which people do not have the time and energy for these days.