13 March 2010

(Preliminary) Quilting


I wanted to see what Dwirling would look like on this Strip Twist pattern from Bonnie Hunter. This is one of three tops for Quilt of Valor that need to be quilted. I knew I needed to keep the quilting simple because the quilt top is so busy.

Here's the geeky girl way: I opened the photo in Adobe Photoshop Elements and added a layer above the quilt layer. With the smallest brush point and my old Wacom Graphire Tablet I started to draw my dwirling. I like it!

I found a deep enough scratch on the top of my tablet (how did that happen?) that might force me to buy a newer one since my pen keeps getting caught in the scratch. Do you know about the stuff that takes scratches out of the plastic headlamps on cars? I wonder if it would on my tablet? CarGuy has some... it might be time for a honey-do, doncha think?

I love it when a plan comes together.


  1. The quilt looks great....love it and it's for a great cause. As for the table scratch....well, I gave up on my furniture a few years ago......grown kids and babies just love to decorate the dining set......now it's kind of grown on me......I think!
    Take care.

  2. Your quilt is wonderful.

    Good luck repairing the scratch.

  3. It looks great, the dwirling design; great idea for a way to audition that! Maybe some ultra fine rubbing compound for the scratch?

  4. Very colorful quilt. Loved the way to audition the design on a quilt, I will try that, thanks. No firm idea for the scratch, the rubbing compound may work, good luck.

  5. clever girl! I love it!!!!!

  6. Well isn't this a fun, cool quilt with a twist of happy to it? Perfect for QofV. I must admit I am often caught dwirling with old wacom. He was once a whirling dervish but fell on hard times so now he's a dwirling wacom. hee! Silly *karendianne. (and nutty)

  7. The quilt looks great, I love the quilting. Good luck with the scratch!

  8. That quilt is beautiful. Love how the colors worked up!