31 March 2010

Self Preservation

Photo from iStockPhoto

CarGuy's hearing isn't optimal because of a former job in a steel mill. So the volume on the teevee is kept on LOUD. This in turn hurts my ears because of the extreme sensitivity of my hearing: I can hear the the mosquito ring tones, can you? So we have been at an impasse on the teevee situation.

Until last evening.

For months I have been stalking this product. But it is really expensive, for me anyhow. And so I have been saving every penny. Suddenly, yesterday, I noticed this item on sale at $100 less. YES!! We went to the brick and mortar store and bought it.

Once at home, set up commenced. Easy peasy, until I had to make the remote from the satellite learn how to adjust the volume on the soundbar without adjusting the volume on the teevee. I taught it how but it didn't take until this morning. Ah, relief. The sound is much mellower than that of the internal teevee speakers.

Next step is to figure out how to turn off the internal speakers in the teevee.

UPDATE: the internal speakers are now off. Yipee! My jaw is also relaxed. I did not realize how much I was clenching my jaw because of that sound.


  1. So, does he put the sound bar under his neck in his recliner or what;)

    I have a hubby and a father with same issues. No matter which 'home' I'm in I have to be in a separate room to watch tv or they have to be asleep with the remote in my hand ;)That works well for me;)

    Glad you found something that worked and was on sale!

  2. Well done. We had seen and finally invested in some RCA wireless earphones. They work a treat and especially if there is something with speakers with heavy accents (including British) it makes it much more manageable. So we can have two happy TV watchers around here.

  3. I've heard "what'd he say?" for the past 30 years. These would be SO NICE..I may check into them too.

  4. My hearing has been extra sensitive lately too. No I can't hear the chirps, but now bass sounds tend to vibrate in my ear. Unfortunately this means the neighbors' lawn mower, motor cycle, car, weed eater, etc.

    I'm glad these speakers are better for you. I'm not sure I understand how they are better, but I'm glad they are.

  5. It's a shame that you have this problem, but at least you came up with a solution to stay in the same room. My mother has very poor hearing (well, to be exact she's stone deaf without her hearing aids) and we discovered a long time ago I can't watch TV with her when I'm visiting. I end up with such a headache I can't stand it. So if I sit down to watch a program in the living room and she turns on her bedroom TV on the same channel with two doors closed between us, I can mute my TV and listen to the sound from hers! I really hate it that we can't just sit down and watch "Antiques Roadshow" together. And right now I'm looking at buying some wireless headphones so my hubby can watch TV in bed after I've gone to sleep. Ah, peace!

  6. Good for you! This looks like a perfect solution! We both have hearing loss in our house. Sometimes the conversation is a regular comedy. Just wait until later, ha