01 November 2010

Costume Sewing

It's that time of year again when mother's are called upon to make Halloween costumes. I've made several in my time and this year was no exception. What was I sewing this year? A clown costume; I've never made a clown costume for an adult before.

I started by using a pattern for scrubs because I figured it should be comfortable and I didn't want to spent a lot of money for a new pattern and I dislike costumes that are uncomfortable to wear. The pattern was modified by adding long sleeves with a ruffle at the bottom. The pant legs were flared a bit also. Then two rows of narrow 1/4" satin ribbon were stitched to the bottom of the sleeves and the pant leg. A large ruffle with more ribbon at the edge was added at the neck.

He wanted pom-poms down the front and on the hat and I was surprised that I still had the cardboard circles I used many many years ago to make pom poms for the toes of my ice skates. Did you do that? Now that dates me doesn't it? But, I digress. I made two sizes of pom poms for the costume.

The hard part was the hat: a combo pointy hat with a ruffly sailor hat brim. After making a paper pattern I transferred it to Peltex. The key to the hat is the curve not the point. Once I had that curve the brim was easy to draft. It was all stitched together with a very wide zigzag.

I love this kind of sewing. Since it is a costume you don't have to be too precise. I don't make hems, I just edge finish with my serger. Glue works where one would normally sew on embellishments. After all, this is usually a one time garment.

I've made you wait long enough. Here's the result:


  1. You are a good mom *s* Great job.

    No pom poms for me - no ice skates!

  2. Let's see the whole costume, please.
    Good for you!