19 November 2010

I am either way behind or getting ready for next year


This is one of the Focus Projects in Finn's New Year's Eve UFO challenge. For lack of a better name it is just called the Hallowe'en quilt. So what are you looking at here? Well, these are the various strips to make some liberated letters for a very appropriate Hallowe'en phrase along the border. This quilt is totally from the fabric stash but I managed to have enough of the same fabric for the background of the letters and the frames for the blocks in the center of the quilt. Imagine that! The two main orange fabrics even somewhat resemble each other and are a much closer match in color than what you see in the photos.

Here's a sneak peak at one of the blocks. These blocks are embroidered and dye painted. Some of the blocks are my design and others are pulled from various sources including but not limited to Bird Brain Designs and Kaaren of the Painted Quilt.


Remember when I was asking for quilting ideas in a recent postThis is the quilt I had in mind. As you can see there are words; in fact, each of the blocks has words on it. This is a very wordy quilt. Anyway, I still haven't decided how to quilt this thing. I'm still open to suggestions.


  1. OOO I love where you are going with this...of course I'm partial to anything Halloween!

  2. You have soooooo much energy...mail some to me, please....LOL
    Great project!!!!

  3. This is going to be SO fabulous!!!!

  4. Love your halloween colors...and that is such good advice...don't run with a wooden stake...snort!!

  5. The usual cross hatch for the quilting might work nicely. I am still looking at autumn fabric and I am still enjoying it. I don't have a Christmas project in mind - not yet anyway. Hmm. I'm to busy to pay close enough attention to know I'm outta season! Oh well. Cute quilt you have going here. I like a little stitchery mixed in once in a while. :-D

  6. This made me giggle! How cute!
    You are so creative!