14 December 2010

UFO Challenges

Have you seen the mentions of UFO challenges lately? Here are two that I’ve come across:

  • UFO Challenge 2011
    JudyL of Patchwork Times is issuing a 12 month challenge to finish one UFO per month
  • PhD Challenge
    Myra’s PHD (project half done) Challenge is for 6 months and you commit to a certain # of projects.

I keep a spreadsheet online of the quilts I’ve finished, the UFOs and the haven’t started projects. I know, I know – it is a bit OCD but I have tons of information at the touch of a keyboard. I accessed my spreadsheet just to see what I have in the UFO category; I am terming my UFOs as a project that has actually been started in some fashion.

  1. A Christmas Wish – only needs quilting and binding
  2. Echinacea – appliqué
  3. She Wants to DANCE! – appliqué
  4. Hugs and Kisses – appliqué
  5. Iris Garden – appliqué
  6. Shore Birds -- appliqué
  7. Faithful Circle – hand piecing
  8. Double 4-Patch – piecing
  9. Embroidered 30’s flower blocks– piecing
  10. X-stitch Calendar blocks – piecing

Do you see what I see in that list? A lot of long-term projects: #2 - #7 to be exact. Not something that could be completed in a month’s time, no matter how much I wish it so. I may commit to the PhD Challenge for #8, #9, and #10 since all three are machine piecing and I can then send them to a long arm quilter.

Did you notice that #1 was not mentioned? That is because it is part of the New Year’s Eve UFO Challenge. Hopefully, it will be quilted this coming weekend.


  1. Come on Paula, I know you can, I know you can! And a little bird hinted to me that you've had a finish I need to know about *VBS* Is that right? Can I mark off one for you with #2 following close behind???
    You spread sheet of quilts is a neat idea...I think it's time I re-visited what I should/could/would like to see finished!
    I hope you will come stitch with Myra and the gang in the PhD challenge. My mojo is strong to keep finishing...hopefully it will include some really challenging ones! Enjoy your warm weather. It was a -21 here this a.m. Brrrrr! Hugs, Finn

  2. Have you read Judy's updated ideas for joining the UFO challenge but breaking it down to managable pieces for large projects? One of them may be just the ticket for you,.

  3. I know you can do it!

  4. Hey that is a new one for phd - around these parts, PhD quilters have their fabrics Piled Higher & Deeper.

  5. I keep a spreadsheet too. It helps me see progress and remember the quilts that went to others.

    You've got quite a list going on. It sounds like you have a good plan already. I do like Morah's idea of setting more manageable goals.

  6. I see that you have a death wish to do a LOT of applique LOL -
    Be sure to show us pictures!!