10 February 2011

Quilting Gallery Contest - Please Vote!

I have entered a small quilt in The Quilting Gallery Weekly Themed Contest. This week's theme is Valentine's Day Quilts, of course. Please go and vote for my little quilt. Voting starts on Friday and goes through Sunday.


This little red and white quilt measures in at 20"x23" and was done as a sampler for myself. Each of the 24 hearts is appliqued or painted using a different method. Then each heart was rubber stamped with a number. I named it after heart # 3: You've Stolen My Heart. On the back of the quilt, is a 'table of contents' label that explains how each heart was done.

Starting in the upper left corner of the center medallion portion:
  1. Cut away applique with template drawn on the right side of the fabric.
  2. Cut away applique with freezer paper on the top of the fabric.
  3. Reverse applique.
  4. Needleturn applique with freezer paper on the top.
  5. Fused raw edge applique with a blanket stitch finish.
  6. Baste and turn.
  7. English paper method using freezer paper.
  8. Freezer paper inside (with seams iron over it).
  9. Spray startch applique
  10. Freezer paper inside with gluded edges.
  11. Polyester stabilizer inside, left in and softens in the wash.
  12. Back basting with needleturn.
  13. Cut out, glue and then needle turn.
  14. Redwork embroidery.
  15. Cutaway needleturn applique with embroidery on the outside edge
  16. Back basting with satin stitch by machine
  17. Faced and turned then stitched with a straight stitch on the machine.
  18. Frayed edge non-prepared.
  19. Shiva Paintstiks with stencil.
  20. Tsueneko Ink.
  21. Fused totally and then blind hem with invisible thread.
  22. Fused totally and blanket stitched with matching thread
  23. Fused around the outside edge and zigzag with invisible thread
  24. Fused around the outside edge and sating stitch with matching thread.
Numbers 21-24 are in the four corners of the quilt starting in the upper left, moving clockwise around.


This quilt is hand quilted around each heart and in the border. White satin ribbon bows were applied with a machine tacking stitch used as ties in the center of the quilt. An eyelet lace was added instead of binding.


  1. What a great idea for a quilt. I will go and vote for it for sure.

  2. E' bellissima questa trapunta!
    Vado subito a votarla

  3. Anonymous6:40 AM

    I voted for you. I hope you win!

  4. I've just voted for your darling quilt... I really like it and you do such nice hand quilting!

  5. Okay, I voted. Good luck!!

  6. Anonymous12:00 PM

    I voted for you. Good luck.

  7. I was going to enter this one but never got my act together. You got my vote. good luck~

  8. So many beautiful quilts - I was vote 12. You are in fourth place now.

  9. Voted! You really have made a terrific entry -so clever. I have my fingers crossed.

  10. Very cute Paula! I'll be glad to go vote. blessings, marlene

  11. Love your work!
    You have my vote - I'll be back to check out more of your work.

  12. Howdy Paula! I popped over and voted for your great quilt!!! Good luck!

  13. So cute! You have so much energy. How many quilts do you think you have made???
    I think you should have a counter on your blog, like 4050 quilts made and counting.