19 December 2011

Design Wall Monday - 12/19/2011

The design wall hasn't changed at all, so I am showing you what is on the needles.

I had 8 pairs of socks knitted just hanging out in inventory. I took them to work and sold 6 pairs. Imagine! Of course, after I figured out the cost per hour to knit them, I realized there was no profit margin in hand knit socks, but then I kinda knew that in the back of my mind already. By taking the cost of the yarn and doubling it, I basically paid myself less then a dollar an hour to knit socks. Ugh.

But these little loveys are another thing entirely. I use the bits and bobs and the odd ball of yarn to knit these up. I was playing with the pattern for this pair as the original called for a finer yarn (like sock yarn) and this yarn is a worsted weight variegation. Someone saw me working on these and wanted to buy them. Sold! She also purchased a hat and two more pairs of mitts. Then the word spread like a wild fire. I took orders for seven more pair all in black. The only catch was that I had no black yarn, so on Saturday I had to go shopping. Be still my heart. I ended up purchasing a nice washable merino wool in the correct weight for the original pattern AND and super soft 100% baby llama in this worsted weight. Now to get knitting.

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  1. The mitts are beautiful. I think those who selected black will soon wish they had these lovelies.

  2. I can understand the request for black - goes with everything, doesn't show dirt . . . but I gotta admit, I do like the bits and bobs models, too *s*

  3. Oh, she's a busy busy knitter now! Not at all surprised about the interest in your knit goods as they are indeed lovely. Love the bits and bobs fingerless gloves - totally beautiful colors and love the cable pattern. Gotta love the washable merino wool - doesn't accidentally felt when wet. Ask me how I know this, lol.

  4. love the colours you used,
    the gradation is lovely

  5. Paula, I wish I had your talent!

  6. These are beautiful - love all the colors. I found this article about how to price your crafts while I was surfing, and thought you might find it useful.