14 May 2012

Quilting Results

So I finally got around to trying the free motion quilting on the Singer 66 treadle sewing machine. I had a this little piece that was already drawn (with black pen!) and sandwiched and I thought it would be perfect for this test.

I put the plate and foot on the machine and started quilting. First off I realized that it was a bit 'sticky' and I should have put down my Supreme Slider before starting. And I should have worn quilter's gloves too, just to make it a bit easier.

It looks okay on the front (white side) but on the back side (black) you can see that there is a major tension problem on the flower. The batting bearded also. Once I removed the plate and foot I did a couple of rows of straight stitching. Beautiful. Free motion quilting on the treadle will take practice, practice, practice.

I think I'll stick to the Bernina for FMQ and use the treadle for straight line quilting.

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  1. Wow -- that straight stitch is gorgeous! I'm glad you wrote about your experience with the free motion quilting on the treadle -- never even thought about tension.

  2. I am so impressed that you would even try FMQ on a treadle machine. I have tension problems on my regular machine!

  3. Anonymous12:21 PM

    Nice try!
    You may have more success using a Singer 15 class or 115 which has a vertical bobbin. The Singer 66's drop in bobbin requires the thread to make an extra turn before the stitch is created. The drop in bobbin works just fine for the ordinary lock stitch. I have several treadles, both Singer and other brands/models, as well as, vintage and newer electric machines.
    Good luck!
    -Phyllis in Iowa

  4. I'm catching up on posts and was going to say what Phyllis said above. The great thing is that if you happen to find a class 15 machine, it will fit in the treadle of your 66. (You'll want to avoid the 15-91 because it has a "potted" motor, so treadling it would mean losing some features.) It's not just that the thread path on the 66 is different but also that the class 15 bobbin holds more than the class 66. (However, when I've had a quick sewing job and a 66 bobbin in the right color already wound, I have used the 66 bobbin in class 15 machines without an issue.)
    One of my Singer-15's came in a treadle but also had a motor and foot control. (Knowing I only wanted to treadle it, I donated the motor, FC, and lamp to a local old sewing machine guy. It's from 1936, so the wiring was old.)