10 May 2012


Another quilt from the Denver National Quilt Festival VII is a lovely little quilt from Denise Killingsworth of CA called "Redbud".

It is nice and serene, isn't it? What caught my eye is the way she constructed the "buds". My guess is bias tubes tied with overhand knots and then cut. Two tubes crossed over each other and stitched on with a bead. Very creative!


  1. Are they rolled bits of fabric tied together and then secured to the quilt? (That's what I think I am seeing but I am old now and my eyes don't work as well as they did!)

  2. It is beautiful. I see so many beautiful art quilts through blog photos and feel inspired to one day dig in and give it a try.

  3. What a neat quilt! I love redbud trees and she did a very nice job with her interpretation of them.