16 June 2012

The Big Clean Out

Since I volunteered the guest room to TheKid I thought I should, perhaps, clean out the quilts and the off-season clothes, all the knitted mitts and socks, the guitar and other assorted items. Isn't it funny how things just accumulate when your back is turned?

This little project has actually turned into a major deal. It is a case of "where should I put this stuff"? Well, there is the closet in the home office (former bedroom). Oh, but that houses all the paper scrapbooking stuff. OK, move the scrapbooking stuff to the basement and then all the stuff from the guestroom into the office closet. This works.

Now, what to do with the scrapbooking stuff, some of which can also do double duty on art quilts. It should really go into the sewing room, but where. I know! If I remake my ironing station to one like Alycia's then I will not only have a larger big board but storage too! Home Depot, here I come.

Now to coerce help to put it all together.

Whew! This is too much like work.


  1. I feel your pain!

  2. How well I understand! ;)

  3. Hope you have fun at home depot. I feel for you. I move room so often and it keeps things c;eared out but now I can't find my yarn.

  4. My guest room is currently a yard sale collection center and cat hangout. Guests coming in a month soI will be doing the same shuffle as you are. Carry on!

  5. It's fatal. Once you start you can't stop and before you know where you are the whole place has been re-organised, only for it all to be messed back up again before you can blink!

  6. These things have a way of having a domino effect...good luck! :o)