29 June 2012

OTN - June 29, 2012

Nothing has really changed with the knitting. I am making very slow progress on the Skyp Socks and I have added another pair of metallic mitts exactly like the last pair. I suppose I could shoot a pic of the pile of mitts. Maybe, I will do that when I get them all done. Most of my spare time has been working at Job #2. That photo is a professional photo purchased from iStockphoto although I could take one like it, couldn't I? But then, that would require time that is currently in short supply.

Links to other, more exciting, knitting projects can be found at


  1. Any progress is a good thing. Do post a picture of your pile of mitts! Hope things calm down for you.

  2. I was thinking about you this morning. Are things getting better out there? I cannot BELIEVE the heat you are experiencing on top of the fires!