12 October 2012

OTN October 12, 2012

Two posts in a row about knitting. Wooly goodness, for sure. It's a good thing the Wingspan scarf is just about to come off the needles because I'm running out of creative ways to shoot photos of the two projects. Four more complete rows on the scarf and then we have bind off. I'll show the blocking photo in another post. You can see the red Mama Bear sweater in the background. There are only two more rows until it gets put onto waste yarn. I want to use the circ needle it is on along with another so I can knit both sleeves at the same time in the round. Confused? Don't be, it will work out nicely. Next week will show the body of the cardigan and probably the start of the sleeves.

I bought a new floor lamp for beside my chair and put a color correct CFL bulb in the socket. What a difference it makes! The colors you see in this photo are correct, no OOTC (out of the camera) color correction happened. I just added my watermark, cropped and saved to a small byte size -- standard stuff.

If you want to see more knitted goodness, then head on over to PatchworkTimes and even join in if you have something on the pointy sticks or hook.


  1. A great photo for "I Love Yarn Day."