26 October 2012

Yarn Stash Addition

I went to my small quilting group today. I work on my Faithful Circle quilt when I'm there. Today, one of the former pastors brought in his wife's craft stash since he did not know what to do with it since her passing. I took this kit (everything was there). All I need to do is assemble it and then do the over-embroidery. I plan to give it back to him once it is finished.

And then, while my back was turned, this yarn appeared at my chair. It is a beautiful 100% wool imported from Switzerland. I found out who gave it me and thanked her profusely. I didn't even need to go shopping. It finds me!


1 comment:

  1. How sweet of you to assemble and finish the afghan in memory of your pastor's wife. He will treasure it and appreciate your kindness.