16 November 2012

OTN - November 16, 2012

Remember last Friday? I stated that I was knitting slippers for hurricane victims? I guess I lied. I haven't even started the slippers. I've been knitting caps. Total so far: 4 child size and 8 adult size. The 9th adult one is on the needles. All this yarn was either donated to me or purchased at various thrift stores.

So that is what is off the needles. On the needles is the number 9 cap.

It was a busy, busy day today. First there was the quilting bee. I was there for a couple of hours when my phone rang. It was my long armer asking if I was coming today. Oh yes I'm leaving right now! She lives about 40 minutes away so I really did start for her house the minute I got packed up. And of course, we had to sit and chat. Then I raced home and that is no lie. Driving on I-25 is a race: a white knuckle, heart pounding drive at 75 mph. Oy. When I got home it was on to another errand. I'm home for a while now, at least until tomorrow morning.

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  1. Great-looking hats! They will be appreciated this winter.

    I don't like to drive I-25 in Colorado - too many cars and too many crazy drivers. Stay safe out there.

  2. Nice hats! Your needles have been busy.