15 February 2013

OTN - February 15, 2013

The pointy sticks have been flying at Casa del Quilter.

First up is the Sunny Blanket. This afghan was knit using reclaimed alpaca from the Mama Bear Sweater and I added some unused alpaca of a different dye lot. If you look closely, you can see the subtle stripes.

Sunny Blanket

This is a cowl/hood that I knit using Madelinetosh Vintage yarn. I only had two skeins, one in Fjord and one in Twig so once again I alternated the colors. It is very windy today and I had to hold onto my hood. *grin*


On the needles: a pair of men's socks. I started once and it just screamed male to me, so I frogged the first sock -- thank goodness there was only about 3 inches -- and started over. This yarn is working so much better as something for a man.

What's on your needles? You can visit Judy's blog to see other knitting projects.


  1. Love all three--but would love to cuddle with the afghan and the cowl about now!

  2. The afghan was a wonderful knit for the alpaca. You'll use it a lot.

    The cowl and socks are great, too. Obviously, some yarn just wants to be a specific project.

  3. It looks cold there good thing you have lots of warm knits.

  4. Your afghan looks so warm and cuddly. That pattern looks complicated, but beautiful. I've never felt something knitted with alpaca. Is it super soft? I would assume it is very, very warm. You've sure been busy.

  5. As always your knitting is inspiring. The afghan looks perfect for a snuggle.