30 April 2013

And then there is sewing

The sewing studio got rearranged the other day to make it a bit more efficient. Now the old Singer treadle machine can be used as it is supposed to be used rather than a surface for storage of unquilted (but basted) quilts.

Can you see what I'm stitching? String blocks. The papers are there in the right forefront and the completed, but untrimmed, blocks are to the rear. On the floor you can barely make out the Bag 'O Thread that I decided to use up in this [ongoing] project.

What I've learned in this process is that this machine really likes to have the top thread and the bobbin thread the same. It gets terrible, terrible tension headaches with two different threads. I figured out which way the stitch regulator needs to turn to make a smaller stitch *LOL*. Oh, and most important, that old adage about "practice makes perfect " is true. I know where to put my feet to get a smooth treadling rhythm going. Plus, for faster production, which way to wind the thread tails around my index finger so they don't pull away and then out of the needle.

All in all, I've been have fun, doing this mindless sewing. And plus, I've have amassed quite a large number of these string units.


  1. Seems (seams) you have learned a LOT of things - perhaps not mindless sewing afterall ;-)

  2. Senseless sewing is so much fun. Thanks for sharing your progress with your sewing project!!

  3. It's so good when you work out what tricks you need to do to have a fun sewing session...look forward to seeing your blocks :o)