06 April 2013

OTN Friday on Saturday

Well, Friday just slipped right by now didn't it? Errands of the gardening kind kept me busy. I am so itching to get my fingers in the dirt, but the last frost date in this area is around May 18 which kind of precludes planting. But I did plant. I got some asparagus roots in the ground and I think they will be all right.

I was able to do a photo shoot of the on and off needle knitting projects. First up is the finished object.
Pattern: Rectangle Vest from Twisted Sisters Workshop
Yarn: Araucania Atacama  handpainted 100% alpaca knitted together with a fingering weight brown wool
Needle: can't remember the size.
This turned out so warm and comfy. I love the drape and I have a feeling this will be my go-to vest.

Pattern: Jazz Up Your Self-Striping Sock Yarn (Ravelry link)
Yarn: S.R. Kertzer On Your Toes sock yarn
Needles: US2 circs
These just make my happy to look at them!

Pattern: #73 - Women's Top Down Short Sleeved Cardigan
Yarn: Froehlich Wolle Bergschaf
Needles: US11
What can I say? I hated this pattern. The neckline was way too wide and the sleeves were going to be too tight. Shortly after this photo, the whole thing was frogged and the yarn rewound into balls. One good thing, after knitting a new gauge swatch I have cast on a new sweater using this bulky yarn. It is MY version of #73.


  1. Love the vest. I made a copy of that vest pattern from the book because my local library has that book. I have wanted to knit that vest too. Maybe one day. Right now I am working on about 4 knitting projects, so I better finish them first.
    The socks and sweater look great too. Love the colors.

  2. I love that vest too! The socks are so bright and cheerful. Sorry to read about your time spent unknitting, but I'm sure that the lovely yarn you ended up rewinding will soon become a perfectly lovely creation from your talented hands.

  3. I love the vest!!! I have been watching for a good vest pattern. Thanks!!

  4. your knitting talents still make me drool! what a fabulous crafter you are. the vest is gorgeous, and the socks look totally delightful!