14 June 2013

Sherman Heel and Toe


Next up in the heel and toe dance is the Sherman heel and toe. Here is a link for a written tutorial, but unfortunately it references other links that no longer work. I was specifically wanting to know about wrapping the stitches, because the tute mentions two wrapped stitches. But then I found this video on youtube for a Sherman heel. The video does not use wraps at all!

If you want, you can click on the photos to make them bigger. Here is the heel. It looks a bit strange off the foot, but believe me when I say that it is a very comfortable heel. The issue I had with the afterthought heel is not in this one. One thing I did not like in this heel was the single layer of knitted fabric. I feel it will wear thin fast, but it is still a very comfortable heel.

That said, the toe is made exactly like the heel. I did, however, have an issue with the toe. Do you like to do the Kitchener stitch? Neither do I. This toe is worked from the bottom of the sock up over the ends of your tootsies and then, once you have the correct number of stitches back on the needles through increases, the bottom of the sock is Kitchenered to the top of the sock. I had 60 stitches, worked on two circular needle so there were 30 stitches on each. I had to Kitcher 30 stitches! Times two socks. O dear. I do like the way it fits and it makes a very nice rounded toe.

Stay tuned for more heels and, maybe, toes.

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  1. Beautiful socks. Interesting technique.

  2. They turned out beautiful! I used the kitchener stitch to close the toes on my first socks - had to watch it a million times on You Tube before I got it :*) My current pair are toe-up, so hopefully no kitchener stitches elsewhere in the sock!

  3. I have never really thought about the comfort/fit/wear of my socks. Now I'm going to have to ruminate about it some and see what I think. Can of worms now open ;-)