29 November 2013

OTN Friday, November 29, 2013


Remember these socks? They are finally off the needles. I did not enjoy working on them. It was a combination of the pattern (Monkey Socks) and the yarn which is Wisdom Yarns North Pole. To make matters worse, the yarn had a strand of mylar spun into it for bling. It not only made the sock stiff but also scratchy. Nope, not a fan.

There are three more skeins in the yarn stash of this yarn, but different colorways. I am not making socks with them, but I think I'll make some scarves and decorate the statues on the street where I work. Yarn bombing! of a sort. I know they will disappear and that is fine with me.

Here is an accurate photo of what is actually on the needles. That yummy caramel colored pile of knitted goodness is the 'Chinese Red Vest' (pattern by Cheryl Oberle) [that's a Ravelry link btw]. I am running out of yarn. Yes, I know, right? This version might not have the collar because of lack of the right yarn. That blue striped item is a ribbed K2P2 scarf. This is some of that yarn with the mylar in it and it will be the first scarf that will be yarn bombed.

What are you working on? Visit JudyL for more knitted goodness.


  1. That yarn does make nice scarves....my solution, too. I agree mylar doesn't work for socks.

  2. Love the socks!

  3. I'm proud of you for finishing the socks from the "not so great yarn." I doubt that I would have persevered. Yarn bombing is a good alternative for the yarn.

  4. The socks are cute but scratchy? Oh my. Yarn bombers are incomprehensible to me. I remember last year I heard a piece on them on NPR and could only shake my head. All that yarn put to such silly use. If they wanted to crochet or knit, they should make scarves and hats and mittens and hand them out to any homeless people they see. I hope that if you make the scarves they will be picked up by people who truly need them. Maybe you could attach a little tag that says "If you're cold, here's a little help". It might make punks and vandals think twice, and let the homeless know they can take a scarf. Or maybe I'm just too idealistic.

  5. You are so creative. One day I hope to learn to knit and crochet. I'm a beginner sewer and there's so much I want to learn. All the creativity I come across from talented bloggers is really inspiring. My daughter just learned to finger knit and has been having a lot fun doing little projects here and there. Merry Christmas to you and your family.