20 December 2013

Off The Needles - Friday, December 20, 2013

The pointy sticks have just been flying at supersonic speed here at Casa del Quilter.

Have you ever had some yarn you just didn't love? I was not feelin' it for the sock yarn that I used in these three scarves.

These scarves are destined for Women4Women - Knitting4Peace. Have you heard of it? You can click on the link to learn more.

I have also recently finished a pair of these Shark Slippers for the son of a blogging friend. Aren't they cute? I understand that he is obsessed with sharks. This isn't a very good photo because I don't have a small foot available for modeling. But you get the idea, right? He puts his foot into the slipper and it looks like the shark has eaten his foot and part of his leg.

I don't crochet very much any more because it aggravates my wrists and hands. So when I do spend the effort to crochet, I have to take it slow and crochet in small spurts.

Have you finished your Christmas knitting? Are you close?

You can visit JudyL at Patchworktimes.com for more On The Needles.


  1. You may not have been in love with the sock yarn, but the scarves are wonderful. Nice job

    The shark slippers are going yo be a hit with the young man - such fun.

  2. I LOVE the shark slippers!!

  3. Cutest sharks ever!

  4. I think your scarves are beautiful. They will keep someone warm and they will love them.

  5. Your scarves are lovely. I love how they are all so different....And how you displayed them for the photos! And your shark slippers... too cute!

  6. Holy cats! Love the scarves! I'm digging out my sock yarn! I had just seen the shark slippers somewhere and laughed, I love that you crocheted them!
    Take care
    Enjoy the holidays!

  7. Weird isn't it - how you love some yarns and not others? Maybe it is because we hold it - push it through the needles, etc. But someone is sure to love those scarfs - they sure look pretty! Kids - they inspire you to make the goofiest things, don't they? Right now my son hangs on my arm while I crochet "baby monsters", he glue guns the eyes and gives them away just about as fast as I can make them. Cheers! Evelyn

  8. the scarves are gorgeous- I love the orange one particularly. It reminds me of a sunset. The shark slippers are awesome- I bet they will be a hit. You do lovely work Ms Paula. Hope that your mouth is not feeling too sore with that tooth.
    Best wishes for the new Year.

  9. Beautiful scarves - thanks for the link too