07 January 2014

Christmas sewing and knitting reveal

Do you remember this post? I teased you with just a glimpse of the fabric because I couldn't show a photo of the complete gift. Well, here are the pajamas I made for a wonderful girl. I made the pants like yoga pants but with cargo pockets so there is a place for her cell phone.
And the top is a hoodie made from coordinating Cuddle fabric.
I could NOT find a pattern for the hoodie so I made some mods to a pattern I had. Creativity to the rescue!

And then there is the sweater. You caught a glimpse of it on the needles shortly after I cast on. It is a lovely swing sweater that drapes beautifully especially after I 'killed' the acrylic. It is warm and soft but not fitted.

I think the pajamas were better received than the sweater.


  1. Love them both. Those pajamas are wonderful. And they've got to be amazing out of the Cuddle. Gotta keep that in mind for next year. I always think I'm going to start making things early so I have projects to work on all year and have a full complement of presents at Christmas (and all those end of the year birthdays in my family - not sure what my parents and my husband and I were thinking of in ....oh yeah January and February in Missouri and Colorado. I know what the thoughts were now). Anyway it's a good plan so just need to really try to implement it this year. And back to the topic at hand Paula. I love both the pj's and sweater. I know I don't knit or crochet well enough yet to make anything so fabulous but the sewing I can do!

  2. Wonderful gifts! I bet those PJs are pretty comfy.

  3. Oh my what snuggly things!

  4. Are they as soft as they look?? Much hard work Paula!!