29 January 2014

I told you

it would be soon!

Here it is on the bed. This duvet cover is covering this down alternative comforter. I am very very allergic to feathers and down so I have always had to 'do' down alternative.

After having slept under this comforter for several nights, I have come to the realization that this is a dead-of-winter blanket. The room must be under 65°F. If the temps are higher then a window will have to be opened. :)

But all-in-all, I love my new comforter and duvet cover.


  1. It looks great.

    I use a blanket, down comforts,and quilt on my bed. I love the weight of the covers as well as the warmth.

  2. Congratulations on your finish! It's very pretty!

  3. Very nice... and it does look warm! And given that it's 1 deg outside this morning, it looks very attractive to me right now!!! :)

  4. Very, very pretty. Enjoy the warmth that it provides; we've got thre quilts on our bed right now!

  5. I was just considering opening a window so I could snuggle under my down comforter, but I know "somebody" would frown on this idea...polar vortex. I like this patchwork duvet cover and I actually own some of that pine cone print! Well done. 🎉