10 January 2014

OTN and Gauge

There are quite a few hats hanging out at Casa del Quilter and they comprise the off the needle items. Charity hats are the best thing to knit when using up acrylic yarn. They are also a good way to practice techniques or stitch patterns. #9 in the mosaic (lower right corner) would be a very good hat for someone with dreadlocks, don't you think?

1. BUN Hat, 2. Fake Isle Hat, 3. Fair Isle Hat, 4. Cathi's Coaster Cap, 5. Lucky 7 Hat, 6. Breakfast Waffles Hat, 7. Horizontal Caterpillars Hat, 8. Striped Textured Hat, 9. Etta Hat, 10. Broken Ribbing Cap

Now. Onward to the On The Needle item. A new sweater is in the planning stages. This blue yarn was purchased at a local thrift store: all 2300 yards of it. A 5 ply sport yarn in a beautiful color, but there is no ball band or label.

And here is a prime example of why one should do a gauge swatch. Since I had no idea what size needle to use with this yarn and a yet to be determined sweater, I grabbed a US#4 29" circular needle and cast on 45 stitches. I knit several rows of garter stitch and then commenced doing a stockinette stitch with 5 stitches at each side in garter for selvages to keep the swatch from rolling. After about 3" I switched to several more rows of garter and also switched to a size US#5 needle. And then a #6 and then a #7. I now know how many stitches and rows to the inch I will get using THIS unknown yarn and different needles.

Now to figure out what sweater to knit. Anyone have a favorite sweater pattern to recommend?
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  1. I live dangerously and rarely swatch.

    Love the hats: #2 is my favorite.

  2. Very wise advice on knitting a swatch. I will have to remember that when I knit a sweater. All of the hats look great, and I do agree that #9 would be great with dreadlocks.

  3. Such cute hats!!! My fav is the top center one - I want to do a two-color project before too much longer :) Thanks for the advice about how to do a swatch - excellent!!!

  4. My question is how long did it take you to do that big of a swatch! I guess I would be too impatient to get right to it and not do a swatch. That's why I haven't progressed very quickly in my knitting, huh? Your hats are so cool. I want to try #1 for my DH to keep his neck warm.