12 February 2014


Public Service Announcement

Several years ago, I used some spray adhesive ala Patsy Thompson, but I wasn't quite as neat. Yes, I got some of that sticky, tacky adhesive on my sewing room floor right under the design wall. It sat there collecting bits of fluff and thread and whatever else went it's way.

Nothing I tried would get it off. I was considering buying some DK5 cleaning agent, but I didn't really want to do that since I have stopped using spray adhesive on quilts and I didn't want the rest of the agent on hand. I tried things again with no good result. Then I remembered I had this stuff in my art supplies (I was going to do a toner transfer, okay?) and guess what?

It worked!

I put some on a cloth and wiped the sticky, and now linty, surface. It all came off but left the surface slippery. Not what I intended. Of course, then I had to mop the floor with soapy water and rinse it.

You're welcome.


  1. Citra-Solve is great and can be diluted depending on what you use it for. It's wonderful to use instead of smelly turpentine for oil based paints like Shiva Paint Sticks. Plus Citra-Solve smells like oranges because it's made form orange peels and is safe for the environment too.

  2. OMG, thank you so much for sharing this info.

  3. That is good to know. I'll have to look for it at the store.