30 May 2014

Two steps forward, one step back.

My Sister's Sweater is almost finished. I almost was able to show a decent progress report but I ran into several snags. It is down to putting on the applied I-cord. I was about 2/3 of the way around the sweater, merrily picking up stitches when I realized I was not going to have enough room on my 29" circular needle. Okay. Fine. After sleeping on the problem, I realized I had another US8 needle in the 24" length that I could use to finish picking up stitches. Onward. And then it struck me: I was picking up from the wrong side of the sweater. AAARGH! Just stop Paula and chill. I went to my little group meeting with quilting handwork instead of the sweater. I just now got the picked up stitches out and the group of live stitches back onto a holder, turned the sweater to the right side and started picking up stitches again.

What's on your needles? I'm linking up to Judy's On The Needles Friday.


  1. Oh yeah, I've done similar things, but didn't realize the mistake until I was nearly finished. I hope all is going well now.

  2. That sure is a pretty color of blue! Hope the time out worked; when things start going south on my knitting, time out's the only way.

  3. I can't wait to see this done! I had to laugh, I hate it when I'm merrily knitting along and don't realize something is amiss.