17 November 2014

A Unconventional Tip for Pin Basting a Quilt

I pin baste my quilts mainly because my lungs can't handle the fumes from the spray basting stuff. I don't know about you, but when I pin baste a large quilt like I have for the last two days, my middle finger almost, but not quite, gets a blister from pushing the pin through all those layers. The finger gets so tender that I have to stop.

Enter my solution!

I was recently given a thimble made from the softest deer hide imaginable! It is supple and allows me to grip the pin without causing a blister on that one finger. I was able to finish pin basting Clara's quilt today. Next up is the quilting.

I need a manicure, don't I?


  1. I use a Kwik Klip basting tool. You can use a grapefruit spoon too. I have chemical sensitivities too and cannot stand fumes of any kind.

  2. I have a thimble like that. I wonder where it is.

  3. Great tip!! Thanks for sharing. Have a wonderful day!!