03 November 2014

Baby Sewing

Well, hello, there! I should welcome myself back, shouldn't I? You can see from the photos that I've been busy busy busy with grandbaby sewing!

These pacifier tethers were really easy to make. I had some leftover binding that I sewed into a tube and turned right side out. But before I did that, I add a loop of ribbon to one end so that it would be caught in the sewing. Then I threaded the other end through a mitten/suspender clip and just sewed it down. Easy peasy.

The pattern for these bibs came from Heather at Hellomynameisheater and is free. I used a fabric that is new to me. My friend, Mrs. Goodneedle, used it and mentioned it in a blog post, so of course I had to try it. Thanks for mentioning it Mrs. G!

I had some of the PUL left over, after all it is 54" wide. So 2 layers of PUL + 4 layers of flannel stitched together and then turned right side out (like birthing a quilt) and Voilâ! a very wipe-able travel changing pad.

I found this sweet alphabet panel and I turned into a book using 72F Peltex Ultra Firm 2-sided Fusible and a bit of time. Boy do I love the pinking blade for my rotary cutter!


  1. I want to make that sweet book!

  2. Love it when you share your sewing. I've used about 10 yards of PUL fabric and my favorite was the same little birds. My changing travel pad trapped air and was a mini air mattress. It gave me a laugh but I sure couldn't figure out a way around it..just extra comfy, I decided!

  3. Oh, what fun!! I love the darling book. I've made lots of bibs and burp cloths, but never attempted a quiet book.

  4. These are all cute, but I like the book the best. The pinking does add a special touch.