15 June 2015

Quilting without a Stitch Regulator

The kitchen is to a point where I can relax just a bit. There are still things to do: put up the blinds, install handles on the cupboards, make dividers for some of the drawers, install the hood/microwave over the stove and change out all the old plug-ins.

This past weekend I ended up in the sewing room and quilted a small pin basted charity quilt. This is just one piece of fabric by Marcus Brothers and a blue fleece on the back.

When I bought my Handi Quilter Sweet Sixteen sit-down quilting machine, I wondered if I needed to purchase a stitch regulator. I realized that I had been quilting without one on my domestic sewing machine all along, so why was I considered getting one now? Look at those beautiful stitches! And without a stitch regulator.


  1. Very nice!

    Glad to hear the remodel is progressing well.

  2. I keep pondering a sit down machine . . . good to know you are happy with yours.

  3. That's the truth! Perfect stitches.

  4. Those stitches look great!!!! I've recently moved and my longarm machine is still in storage! *insert tears here*. I don't have a stitch regulator either! To me, that's just cheating! LOL!

  5. Well done on the quilting. I had the same thoughts when I ought my sweet 16 and have never regretted not getting it