26 October 2015


The printed squares in this baby quilt were given to me in the form of scraps at a retreat I attended several years ago. I cut them down into 2.5" squares and put them away.

Recently, I dug them out and by combining them with white-on-white 2.5" squares and some 2.5" WOW strips, I came up with this quilt.

The quilting is easy. I used the quilt's rows and did some hearts. It took a bit of practice on paper before I could get the hearts because they needed to be quilted from the right edge of the heart to the left edge before moving on to the next heart. When I draw a heart, I go from left to right, so quilting these like this was backwards from how I draw them.

When it came time for the borders, I felt more hearts would be too many. And so I opted for straight line stitching, which in this case was done free hand. After all, it was only 2.5" that I had to travel at a time and I was too lazy to do ruler work.


  1. Quite lovely! Scraps are best!

  2. Very nice. I love the clean lines and the crinkles in the fabric. Well done!

  3. That looks great. I am intrigued at that fabric - is that faces?