15 December 2015

Christmas Stocking

When I left home as a young bride, I took my Christmas Stocking with me. It is getting a bit bedraggled but then, it is as old as I am so I supposed I look a bit bedraggled too! Lots of glitter on this!

Because my husband did not have a Christmas Stocking, I made one for him. I modeled it after my own Christmas Stocking. Let's just say that there was lots of glue and glitter involved. I didn't do such a good job making this, so several years ago I removed several items and reattached them using embroidery rather than glue. Then I added some star-shaped sequins and buttons. Santa's sleigh is spilling out toys and candy and presents for under the tree!

Fast forward to The Kid. I made his from a kit. It has 3D elements and bling; no glitter, thank goodness, but sequins and beads and more sequins! Oh my.

When The Kid got married I realized that my daughter-in-law needed one too. I played with the design and came up with this one from a border I made back in my scrapbooking days. Big pieces, thank goodness, and a minimum of sequins and beads. I did 'big stitch' when I appliqued the pieces on to the stocking.

And the grand-child has to have one too! Cuteness overload with lots of 3D elements, beads and sequins. Oh, and let's not forget the itty bitty applique pieces. There was so much happening on this that it distorted the stocking shape so I had to line it. I used some of that fabric that tote bags are made from because it has no (nada, zilch, none) stretch.

I think I am going to go back and embroider names on the DIL and DH stockings. Mine has a fake fur top so I don't think the embroidery will work on it.


  1. This is a fun post, and the stocking are adorable. My sister cross-stitched stockings for her children, their spouses, and the grandchildren. (She even made one for me, and when I join them for the holidays, I am instructed to bring it with me.)

  2. I love stockings! They are such a special part of our Christmas tradition.

  3. I love stockings! They are such a special part of our Christmas tradition.

  4. Anonymous1:49 PM

    I was hoping for a sneak preview of the stocking contents! Guess I'll have to wait. ;)
    -Your Kid.

  5. I love this story! Your granddaughter has a gorgeous Christmas stocking from her talented grandma! ❤️