30 January 2016

First Finishes of 2016!

I have two finishes! The first ones of the new year.

This first quilt is a Quilt of Valor. Yes, I know, it isn't the Red/White/Blue color combo, but the size is right.

The diamond strips came out of the parts department. They were intended to be borders on another quilt, but it just didn't work. The backing is a black Kona cotton that I discharged dyed so it wouldn't be a solid and would therefore help to hide the quilting stitches.

This next one is a gift but I'm not telling who the recipient is just in case that person reads my blog.

This pattern is the first published BQ pattern. I love to use it when I have a large print fabric that would be lost in smaller blocks.

I did an all over quilting in the center, ditch stitched on each side of that narrow green border and then did a ribbon candy FMQ in the black border. I love this quilt and I hope the recipient does also.


  1. Wow, they are both great! I love the red one. It's perfect for large prints!

  2. Two fabulous finishes! The nice thing about QOV is that they don't require red, white, and blue quilts.

  3. Both of these are great. Love the different colors in the QOV and the use of the way the other quilt showcases the pretty fabric.