18 February 2016


It dawned on me that I haven't ever shown the vests and one jacket that I've worked up.

It started with the purchase of a lot of discontinued Lion Brand Amazing yarn during a shopping trip to Tuesday Morning. Since this yarn has a very long variegation, I started looking for patterns that were worked from wrist to wrist so the stripes would be vertical.

First up was the Cuff-to-Cuff short sleeved sweater. I believe I even found the free pattern on the Lion Brand website, but don't hold me to that information. I love this sweater and wear it a lot.

And then I crocheted this jacket. I have had this pattern for decades, yes you read that correctly. I loved the fullness of it and cut the pattern from the magazine. Women's Day or Family Circle I think. I have given this jacket to my BFF in another (cold) state.

Not truly vertical stripes, but I wanted to try the mitering on this one. You start with a triangle and then pick up stitches to make a square on one side and keep going in this manner. This was a fun knit. I added a zipper because it turned out a bit big and needed to be contained.

Ah. Prudence Crowley, the vest. Love this! Knit in two simple pieces and then seamed together. I love the way this one fits and it is definitely flattering.
I kept three out of the four and I DO wear them!
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  1. Wow! Those are amazing. I know little to nothing about knitting but I do appreciate what I'm seeing here. Great job!!!

  2. Beautiful work! Love the stripes

  3. Great projects - I love the vest you showed last!

  4. These vests are fantastic!! Your workmanship is wonderful.

  5. These are all so pretty! My favorite is the first one you showed. You are styling while you are staying warm!