01 May 2016

Hat Burnout

I am so burned out on knitting hats! This will probably be the last one for a while. And, guess what? I'm keeping this one for me! I'll have a new hat for next fall.

Just because I'm burnt out on knitting hats doesn't mean that I'm not knitting at all. I made this adorable Seamless (?) Baby Hoodie for my grand. I question the seamless because the shoulders are seamed together, the sleeves are seamed onto the body and the hood was seamed onto the sweater. If I were to make this again, I might be tempted to rewrite the pattern. But I made the largest size in the pattern and don't want to do the maths to enlarge or make it truly seamless. Nevertheless, isn't it cute?


  1. Love the yarn you used for the hat!

    Hmm, I would definitely NOT call the sweater seamless. . .

  2. Love the hat - so many pretty colors. The sweater is cute, but you're right, it is not seamless.

  3. Thebaby hoodie is SO adorable!!