15 May 2019

April 2019

Well, I totally missed posting for April. I had this post written but forgot to schedule it.
Work on THAT house has stopped for now since DH and I are getting burnt out.

I've been doing walk about in my yarden and cleaning up some of the flower beds. All the work from THAT house (6 months!) has caused backups in our own house stuff. I cleaned out all the dead stuff from the both the rhubarb patch and the asparagus patch. That filled up the one trash can I have for that type of thing. Since I currently have limited yard waste containers I have to work on it slowly.
I noticed that my Autumn Joy sedum is poking up so that will be the next to get cleaned out.

And another spring storm has hit us! I love how the meteorologists call it a Bomb Cyclone. Really? I've always known this as a spring storm/blizzard. The spring storms are actually worse than a winter one because of the moisture content in the snow. We sometimes call the snow Sierra Cement.

Saturday night, I posted a garage sale on Craigslist. The sale is for the coming Friday and Saturday. In the items for sale is a 60lb air compressor. Sunday (Easter!) morning the doorbell rings and some gal wants to buy the 'composter'. I DON'T have a composter for sale and the sale isn't on Easter Sunday. Do people even read any more?


  1. Huge sigh - reading carefully is becoming a lost art. Good luck with the backlog at home. Lovely photo of the lily of the valley!

  2. Wow!! and no - I don't think they do, or they read what they want to see!

  3. You sound totally fried. Hope this house from .... is ready to market soon. I can’t imagine what a disaster this has been. Sorry, friend.