23 October 2005


I have not been quilting much lately. There are some blocks for a [sort of commission] quilt on the design wall but my interest in it has waned. I suppose I should go into the studio and work on it. After all, I am trading this quilt for a bronze statue of a dragon.

But I am still working in fiber. I am learning how to knit 2 socks at the same time on a 40" circular needle. After two 1.5 hour lessons I have decided that I am currently totally incapable of doing a short row heel. Argggh!! I have tried and tried and my knitting is too loose on wrapped stitches. More practise! More socks!

I have also been on a crocheted afghan frenzy. I've gotten 5 done and have yarn for 2 more. I don't know why but about every 5 or so years I go off on a tangent and crochet afghans. The last time was about 8 years ago and at that time I made 14 (!) of them. Can you say obsessive/compulsive?

You could call this a fallow period, I suppose. But I have been mentally busy dreaming and designing. I've had to put a lot of these ideas into my art journal so I don't lose them. It seems that when my hands are busy doing process, my brain designs and dreams.

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