24 October 2005

Old School

The CarGuy watches a lot of Discovery Channel. Especially the, you guessed it, car and motorcycle shows. There is one show that always talks about 'old school'.

Well, I went 'old school' today. I needed a list of the files in a folder. The only way I know to get that in a Windows system is to use the 'print screen' function. What a pain. This folder contained more than one screenful of files. So I decided to go 'old school' and use MS-DOS.

Here's what I did:
1. Open a command window by clicking on the start button and then clicking on 'Run'. In the window type: cmd.exe and click 'OK'.
2. Change directory to the proper directory (folder)
3. Type in: dir_>_output.txt (where the _ is a space) (this puts a list of the files into a text file.
4. Type in: output.txt (this opens up the file in notepad.
5. Print from here

Hope this wasn't too technical for you.

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