18 November 2005


Is this Fiver? This guy was in the rough area in front of our house this morning. Pretty well fed. We have had a plethora of rabbits this year. I have a xeriscape on the other side of the house where I believe the nest is. Have you ever seen two rabbits fight? It's interesting to watch... it's a stand off with both of them just sitting there. Then one will jump up into the air and try to kick the other with those hind feet. I watched a rabbit fight for about a half hour this summer until I got bored. Later, I found just the tail and a foot of a rabbit in the back yard. I wonder what got it? Was it a fight to the death with a lot of posturing? Or was it a hawk. Maybe a coyote. I'm going to bet on the red fox I saw on one of my morning walks.

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  1. I once ate rabbit. I'll never do it again.