08 December 2005

Do we have stove yet?

Several things have happened lately. Foremost is the weather! (I should have been a meteorologist). Colorado is experiencing a brutal cold front. The daytime temperature has been ~8°F / nightime has been waaay below 0°F with a bad wind chill factor. Brrrrr!

I tell you this bit of information to relate to you the following: the CarGuy and I bought a woodburning stove at the first of October because of the rising cost of natural gas. We had to wait for the stove to come in and then we had to wait for the hearthpad to come in. Installation was to be today (Thursday 12/8/05). Uh huh. Just before I left for work, the installers called and because of the cold and the snow (1.5") on the roof they were rescheduling the installation for this coming Saturday. Ermmm. Okay. Then they called back. Installation will now be early on Monday because it seems that nobody wanted to work Saturday. Wah! Boo hoo! We really want this stove installed before the weather gets much worse! I even went out in -12°F temps this morning and shoveled the driveway for them. I could have just let it solar melt.

CarGuy and I had this house built in 1979 during the last energy crisis. It is a small house -- only 1100 sq ft. But it has clearstory windows and the whole house faces SSW. There are several ceiling fans to move the air about. With the original woodburning stove (that, incidentally we took out years ago and installed in CarGuy's garage) and wonderful passive solar, the furnace very rarely kicked on. So now we bought another woodburning stove because we didn't want to remove the one from the garage. (Plus we will let the younger more agile guys install the new one.) I am also making Warm Window shades for the bedroom so that we will be even more energy efficient.

Spending money to save money. Hmmmm...

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