09 December 2005

The Light

Several weeks ago CarGuy had The Electrician here installing lights in the garage. I asked if they could add one light in my studio. Small request, no? The new light was installed: an 8' two bulb fluorescent light fixture that lit up my studio like the main terminal at DIA. !!!! I now had lots and lots of light in my subterranean studio. Not quite what I expected. I thought I could live with this so I went about making some curtainy drapey things to cover my fabric stash so it wouldn't fade in the light. Yes, there was that much light.

Unfortunately, there was this awful buzzing noise. So loud that I can hear it through the floor when I am upstairs in the living room. Can you hear it where you are? I turned the music on. Loud. CarGuy complained, of course, that he could hear my music upstairs. I explained that the light buzzed. Loudly. We'll get that fixed. The Electrician has been out to the garage twice since the initial installation. The light still buzzed. The Kid had Thanksgiving dinner with us and commented on the buzzing to his father. We'll get that fixed. It still buzzed.

It doesn't buzz any more. I took the bulbs out. I have uncovered my fabric stash because the drapey things were in the way. The studio is now back to it's original state. Almost. There is still that 8' long fluorescent light fixture sans bulbs on the ceiling.

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