31 January 2006

Misc stuff

It's been a busy week. And it is only Tuesday. I am redesigning the website at work, making travel arrangements for my boss and generally freezing. Yes, freezing. With the cost of heating so high we have turned down the heat at work and I am always cold. I have started wearing fleece shirts, wool socks and made myself a pair of fingerless mitten things from fleece. Fleece is my friend. Do you think it would look strange if I made a fleece nose cover?

I am so frustrated with not being able to work on any quilts, sewing, knitting or crocheting. But, on the bright side, my book stack is diminishing. I just finished "The Sugar Camp Quilt" by Jennifer Chiaverini. I have a large tote bag full of books now to pass along to Auntie. What shall I read next? Maybe a good mystery? I have several just waiting on the shelf. Hmmmm... Yep, I'm going to read this book. I also have a stack of books on textiles and quilting on the coffee table just waiting for me. But some of them have exercises that are meant to be worked along with the reading and I just am not physically able to do the work right now. Wahhhh!

I've had fun downloading music onto my iPod (that I got for Christmas). I am just about through the CD collection. Whew! There were a lot. But wait! There's more! I still have the vinyl collection to go through and this will be fun, fun. The CarGuy and I have vinyl from the 1960's that is still in good condition. It will be fun rediscoving the music. We have a CD burner on our sterieo and a working turntable with a brandnew needle and cartridge. Can you tell I'm gearing up for this? I mainly use the iPod at the gym but there are other occasions too.

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