26 March 2006

An entry to Use What You Have!

This will be the last post on knitting for a while. I am taking an hiatus from the needles and yarn. I have other things I want to finish up and the weather is warming (gardening!) and I am at a good stopping point. I'll probably pick them up again when the weather gets a bit colder.

I finished these socks this morning. The pink striped is Regia 6-ply that I ran out of. I had 2 50-gram balls when I really needed 3. Ugh. So I rumaged in the stash and found a sportweight grey wool that worked nicely. I really should have ripped back past the heel, but being the lazy girl that I am I just kept going. I may or maynot wear them with sandels. So I have some other things that I finished recently.


The next pair of socks were made from Interlacements sock wool. Kind of a funky color with that yellow in there. But it's nice that it did not make stripes. I'm getting a bit tired of stripes.

Interlacements yarn sox

This last photo is of a wool blend scarf in a really nice lacey pattern. I don't know where I got this wool but it worked up okay for this. I think I have a start on some holiday presents here.


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