09 May 2006

Busy, busy

I'm trying to use up some of my fabric stash.

These past several weeks I have been working on a child's quilt using some 6" squares I purchased from a mail-order quilt store. There were 60 of them and to make a decent sized quilt I needed to cut more from the stash. As I was rumaging I found all these muslin rectangles cut into 3x4" blocks. I cut them down to squares and sewed them onto the larger squares. I don't like this quilt. I'm going to finish it and then give it away. I believe it is the squares I purchased that is making this thing so hard for me to like. I have the top and bottom border left to put on and then I'll donate the top to my guild's charity program. We have a lot of longarm quilters who like to practice on the charity quilts, so it will get quilted and gifted.
**Note: It is now later in the day since I wrote the above paragraph. I have finished the borders. I still don't like the quilt, but it isn't as bad as before. The outer blue border helped pull it all together. I was going to put a green on it, but this blue is here and there throughout the blocks and putting it on the outer border it really helped.**

I did all the fabric cutting last evening on a Yellow Brick Road quilt. This will be using some of those shabby chic floral type fabrics.

I also pulled the fabrics for a Double Irish Chain that will have some embroidered blocks in it.

I won't be able to piece these for a while because I need to take my sewing machine into the repair shop for a tune up. It's been about 2 years since the last time it was in, and I noticed last evening that it is getting quite noisy and the stitches are not really very straight. I have another machine I'll use in the meantime.

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  1. I like your quilt. I've made that block, based on the old time block called Paths to Piece. It rather looks like X's and O's.

    You did a really nice job of it, despite not liking it.I know it will give someone great pleasure!! It's always hard to stick with those quilt tops we are liking as we go....you did good!!!