03 May 2006

Knitting shawls

I have finished another shawl (these are very fast to knit) and have the last one on the needles right now. I didn't have a model for this so I put it on one of the sculptures at the Sculpture Gallery where I work. Doesn't he look dashing?

I have made two yogamatcozys now. Both are crocheted from the cotton/acrylic yarn. Remember the blue yarn I mentioned in this post? I was crocheting a shawl, finished it and wore it. I then started another shawl with the green, but this time I knitted it and used this recipe (posted on Nov 22,2005) from Melody Johnson's blog. I was knitting and then stopped to try it on and CarGuy said that it looked like I had a piece of sod on my back. Well, there went keeping it for my wardrobe! I have found in the past that when a comment is made like that, then it ruins my association with the garment and I never wear it again. So the green, mossy shawl is a holiday gift for a friend.

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