26 June 2006

I've been busy.

I have actually been quite busy. When it is really hot I get really productive. I guess it helps that my sewing room is in the basement and stays cool.

Yellow Brick Road

• Quilting. I had several of those fat quarter bundles. You know the ones I'm talking about because we have all purchased some at some point in time. It just so happened that these played well together. I also have a copy of the Yellow Brick Road pattern. Ergo: a new quilt top that is a stash buster. Once I put the borders on, I'll give it to our guild's charity program. Or do you think I can get by without borders? I'm not enamored with this quilt top for two reasons: 1) it is a blended quilt and I like high contrast and 2) I like it when the fabric supports the design and this does not. :(

• More Quilting. I have been toying with the Cut Glass block on paper. Mainly because I have been saving all those small half-square triangles from other projects. Lately, I have been using a lot of cream-on-cream fabric for backgrounds and so my half-square triangles all have various off-whites on half of them. These little things will finish 1.5 inches and the block will finish 9 inches. At this finished size, I figured I'll need
1152 half-square triangles for a quilt that measures 54x72
1920 half-square triangles for a quilt that measures 72x90
2880 half-square triangles for a quilt that measures 90x108
I have no idea how many I have already. I am just going to continue making them and putting them in the basket. When the basket is full, I'll start making blocks. But then maybe I should start making block now? Hmmmm..... what to do, what to do. Should I run a contest on guess how many half-square triangles are in the (very large) basket?

• Currently on the needles: this sweater. I must explain about this sweater. I am stash busting this yarn. I have 9 (!) 6-oz skeins of Lion Brand Homespun. I was going to crochet this jacket. After many false starts, I finally decided that this yarn was not compatible with a crochet hook. See how zigzagy it is? After searching for a suitable pattern I found this. Since it is my sweater, I changed not only the yarn but the needle size and using one strand throughout. After the ribbing and 2 rows of pattern I decided that the seed stitch was not going to show up with this yarn. I ripped back 2 rows and started doing a garter stitch. I like how it is turning out. Since this is not a natural fiber I knew I needed something that I could take off or put on easily. The colorway is called Waterfall and I know I'll be calling this my Waterfall Sweater.


  1. I like the idea of the cut glass dish block. I'd completely forgotten about that block! I've been using up my stash of triangles and triangle squares - making a broken dishes quilt. It's great fun - I'm sure you'll think so too. Every piece brings back a memory of where I originally used the fabric.

  2. That cut glass dish block is really pretty. A perfect way to use up all those half square triangles. Go ahead and make a block as the mood strikes you, or just make more half square triangles, whatever floats you boat.